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Trendy Boots and Watches for Men in 2017

Posted by on Jan 1, 2017 in Fashion Industry, Fashion News | Comments Off on Trendy Boots and Watches for Men in 2017

The type of boots that a person wears can affect the lifestyle inadvertently because of the style and comfort levels. When a man buys a pair a boots, there is a good chance that he wants them to be comfortable while looking good. Some men will opt for one of these characteristics more than another but these two make up a good part of the boots. Trends in boots change every season and while some years the styles change more than others, there is always something a little different.

Boots for Men 2016

There are a number of different styles that are popular for 2016. The soft leather boots are nice for the comfort level and the style. They are classy and elegant and when treated properly, they can last for a few winters. These boots come in both the taller designs and the ultra short design. The shorter design is getting more popular now especially in regions where there is very little snow.

Popular Boots for men 2016 Trends

Other boots that are becoming quite the trend are the more colorful boots. Some of these styles resemble ski boots. They come in various retro designs using start contrast between black and fluorescent turquoise and other such combinations. There are also those made from white and turquoise, white and orange, and so on. These are available in ultra short and in medium heights for the most part. Many of these are lace up boots. They go great with custom t-shirts or text-tees.

While the trends of the soft leather boots and the ski-like boot are quite different, they have one thing in common and that is comfort. Long days wearing boots can be tough but these ones make it easy.

Let’s talk about watches now!

With all the different watch brands out there, it’s hard to pick the best watch brand for men. There are men watches that are considered sporty, watches for office wear, and watches that give off a fashion statement. These are some of the top watch brands for men that should meet the expectations for those men looking for a particular look.

Men who are looking for a watch with style and quality can find it in Fossil watches. The Fossil Men’s Ana-Digi Stainless Watch is geared toward the man looking for a sporty and casual look. It features a wide leather strap that emphasizes a black dial, is waterproof, with a brown band color. This watch has an 11 year Fossil warranty.

For those men looking for a more elegant looking watch, the Fossil Men’s Stainless Analog Diamond Watch offers a men’s bracelet design with a black dial. It sports an Analog display with a stainless steel silver casing and comes with an 11 year Fossil warranty. The case size is 50mm with a thickness of 11mm.

Seiko is another popular brand for men and although a little pricier than the Fossil brand, Seiko has a wide variety of watches to meet every man’s needs. The Seiko Solar Men’s Two-Tone Watch offers men a watch with both silver and gold tones. It is a bracelet type watch with an analog display with white dial and solar movement. It has a 3 year Seiko warranty and features a day and date calendar and a two-tone stainless steel case.

Other watch brands that men may be interested in are: Accutron, Andy Warhol, Ed Hardy, Kenneth Cole and Phosphor. Each brand has its own unique feature and will provide men with specific detailing as well as the perfect wear.

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Breaking Fashion News

Posted by on Aug 9, 2015 in Fashion Industry, Fashion News, Gucci, Victoria’s Secret Angel | Comments Off on Breaking Fashion News


The fashion industry never slows down or breaks down, and that is exactly why there are always some new and interesting news from this field. Today, fashion seems to be intertwined with other industries, such as the entertainment industry, the movie industry, the sports industry, and that is exactly why the fashion news have been expanding to new turfs, but have still managed to maintain the sense of what things are the most important for the growth of the fashion industry. So, let’s see some of the biggest news in the fashion industry these days.

We all know that the Victoria’s Secret Angel are one of the most beautiful and the most fit money on this planet, but all of that might change, because the rumor has it that a plus size angel may be a new addition to this company. Jac Jagaciak and Elsa Hosk have said that the time for this move might be right, and that we should now have a curvier angel that will represent the lingerie label for these types of women. In fact, studies suggest that men prefer curvier women, and it is not clear why this move was not done some time ago. However, this is still not definite, and changes to this plan may happen along the way.


It was finally confirmed that Balenciaga will no longer cooperate with Alexander Wang, who was once their creative director. This decision was made to a mutual consent, and even though the sales have been positive, Wang was not able to fill in the shoes left by the previous creative director of this company, Nicolas Ghesquiere.

92087-jacquetta-wheeler-fiesta2Jacquetta Wheeler has become a mother, and has delivered a beautiful baby boy to this world. This news hit us along the news that Wheeler and her husband Jamie Allsopp were celebrating their 3rd anniversary, which is great. This big news was announced to the public by this model’s mother, photographer Tessa Codrington, who chose to do it via social media. The baby boy was born at 4 o’clock in the morning and weighs 8 pounds. According to Tessa, the new mother is a bit tired.

Some people may have thought that Yves Saint Laurent is finished with the couture, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. This company announced that they would be returning to couture for the first time since the year 2002, which was when the last couture collection was created by the founder of this company.

wg_store_ny_1_web_1columnGucci has recently made some changes to the label, and has now showed the results of this change. It appears that the revenues of this company were up by 12 percent, while the European sales of this company were up by 13 percent, and in Japan, by staggering 19 percent. Some people took these changes rather lukewarm, but it appears that the people have loved them, which is proved by the fact that the revenues of this company are going up, and not down.


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