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Arrangement in court would make decisions for dispute resolution

Posted by on Oct 26, 2015 in Dispute Resolution | Comments Off on Arrangement in court would make decisions for dispute resolution

When you have a problem with somebody for an arrangement, you can arrange with the court and you can file a case against another party. Dependent on the state, some processes involving litigation were processed by the government which is assigned within the federal state, or in a small area, it could happen be in municipal courts. This will undergo a formal and just proceedings and will be governed by rules and evidence based on the procedure which were set by the legislature.

The judge and the partial jury will be deciding for the outcome which will base on the investigation and the answers on the factual questions answered by both parties which will applicable to the law. If one party is not convinced about the decision set by the jury, then he can apply his right to appeal the judgment to the higher court which will again be reviewed and set for another hearing. Adversarial in nature, the judicial dispute will give the most favorable outcome to both parties involved. Anyone who has studied and practiced law can become an arbitrators or mediators in a dispute resolution. Dispute resolution may end in violence but the dispute resolution aims to arrange the two parties in order to agree on the terms presented by the judge. It also falls into two major types. The litigation will fall under adjudicative process in which the person who can determine the outcome is the jury or the judge. The other one known as the consensual process is the easiest and the peaceful arrangement since both parties involved in the resolution are the ones to decide for the most favorable outcome for them.


Not all disputes will end in a resolution. There are some arrangements which will not end accordingly to what is expected. There are three known dispute resolution present in the United States.  They are Judicial, extrajudicial and online dispute resolution which differs from one another. Some will take advantage of the use of the technology in order to make an arrangement with dispute resolution.  The online dispute resolution Melbourne is the process of arranging everything online which is also favorable when both parties are apart.  This is to make another method of dispute resolution when time and place are not favorable to both parties. You can set an arrangement with legal practitioner to help you which arrangement will be favorable to you.

There are cases which you need to settle within yourself and if you cannot make it with personal arrangement, you need to ask the help of the person in legal offices to make an arrangement for dispute resolution. Litigation which uses the method of lawsuit will become just and will end peacefully with the help of the court. Though there are arrangements which will not fit to the decision set by court, the party could file again their appeal to the higher court which will their files be again reviewed and be deliberate by those legal practitioners who are handling the dispute resolution. Resolutions are there in order to end disputes effectively.

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