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Concrete Techniques – Concrete Finishing Techniques

Posted by on Oct 21, 2015 in Concrete Techniques | Comments Off on Concrete Techniques – Concrete Finishing Techniques

Concrete is a popular construction material. This is usually made up of cement, additives, aggregate, rocks and water. This is usually used in residential, industrial and commercial applications world-wide. Concrete has been used for a long time already since the ancient Chinese and ancient Egyptians. That is why it has become one of the most important materials in construction fields or industry. A surface of the concrete can be made rough or smooth and comes in different sizes, colors and designs. In order to get the style or design you want it would depend on you and your hired contractor. It can be achieved with the right techniques that are used in constructions today.

If you want to put a durable and nice finish on your concrete you will need skills that will need some appropriate tools, practice and of course a couple of techniques. Here are some concrete techniques you can do or follow but if you are not comfortable with doing this by yourself you can just hire a much professional contractor to do the work for you.

Concrete Techniques

Prepare the Tools

So before you can start working you need to prepare the proper tools first. You will need a Float, push broom, trowel, screed, stamper, patters, water and tarp. After preparing for the appropriate tools you can start working.

Leveling the Concrete

When you try to pour the concrete into the ground or floor the concrete is still thick and chunky. This will become rough and unbalanced. So balance the concrete well. You have to use a screed to push down and level the concrete. You can compress the concrete if needed.


After leveling the concrete with a screed, you can use a trowel to make the concrete surface smooth. You can do this either in mechanical way or manually. Trowels are usually use in industrial and commercial projects. Trowels are just like fans but its blades are facing the floor or concrete.

Edging and Broom Finish

This edging technique is for the edge of concretes to help minimize the cracking. This technique would most likely needed an expert or you need a lot of practice to be able to master this. To make the concrete slippery resistant a Broom Finish technique can be used. You can do this technique after you have leveled, balanced and troweled the concrete. Without this a concrete can be dangerous because it is slippery especially if some liquid is poured on the floor or on the concrete.

concrete techniques

Concrete Coloring

Coloring the concrete will make the environment much nicer. This can be done with some mix added pigments. Pigments are just simple to use, there are color pigments that are available in liquid a ready mix that you need to dissolve in water.

Concrete is a very popular construction material. Concrete is usually versatile material and is commonly used by construction contractors. It is made up of some small rocks or sand, aggregates and cement. You can decide on a design you want to be in installing your concrete you can either have it smooth or rough depending on preference and it can be done with the help of some techniques.

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