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How to maintain your home solar panel

Posted by on Oct 25, 2015 in Cleaning Industry | Comments Off on How to maintain your home solar panel

Solar panels are a collection of many solar cells that are covered by a layer of protective glass frame attracting the rays of the sun converting those rays into electrical energy.

Solar energy is one of the renewable source of energy, but solar panels that use this energy are made up of a fragile grid that if broken may be quite expensive to replace. To avoid this unwanted expense one must always maintain their solar panels properly. Maintaining a solar panel is not a tough task but only requires you to have the correct knowledge of fixing it. Lack of knowledge can make this task cumbersome.

Solar panel

How do the panels turn faulty?

Solar panels are quite sophisticated grids that are designed so that they possess the property of self-cleaning but this does not mean that no maintenance is required. Dirt and dust accumulated with time because of filth and other substances such as bird dropping and during a few particular months like summers in the dry areas can affect the amount of electricity being produced. This dirt and filth does not need to cover an entire block to have an effect.

If experts are to be believed then dirty solar panels do not produce as much power as clean panels. The loss could be as high as 25% in some areas as reported by the National Renewable Energy laboratory. Individuals who never clean their panels can face a loss of up to 30%.

You can keep your solar panels in a good condition in quite a few ways. After all, these panels are not cheap to buy.

The few techniques are:

  • Follow the cleaning procedure as described by the manufacturer. Ignoring these rules can harm the panels severely and impose unwanted expense on your pocket.
  • Clean the panels regularly. It is important to get panels cleaned from time to time. With the increasing layer of dirt on the panels, not only the efficiency of the panel decreases but the life span of the panel shortens too. The pollution makes the protective panel weak leading to the retirement of the panel.
  • Get the panels serviced from time to time– It is important to get the panels serviced from time to time by a reputed company like cleaning corp. Go here to find out the best house cleaning services in Sydney and other locations in Australia. Like every other appliance solar panels also requires servicing.
  • NEVER USE a hard cloth for cleaning purpose– Hard or rough cloth if used for cleaning purposes can induce scratches on the fragile protective glass layers. Although the layer is not easily broken, but scratches can surely reduce the efficiency as well as the life of solar panels.
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Tips for Having A Spic And Span Office

Posted by on Oct 4, 2015 in Cleaning Industry | Comments Off on Tips for Having A Spic And Span Office

If you work in an office you always make sure your table is clean from anything that can disrupt your work. As there are a lot of thing to do in an office and maintaining a clean office area is hard to do. That is why every company do have their own cleaning agencies. As the employees never has time to even clean their own areas especially if your work in a fast paced environment. A lot of companies does not allow their employees and staff to do cleaning but there are cleaning agents that can do their job. An office does have their own confidential papers and documents make sure these are all well kept during the cleaning time. Choosing the right cleaning agents should be made by the supervisors.

Office is a busy place and it needs cleaning at the end of the day or in between office hours. Hiring the right office cleaners should be done and there are the right qualities one should hire. Cleaning agents should have as well the right and durable equipments and the reliable friendly cleaning solutions that cannot affect one’s health.  This is an important thing that office employees should look into since there are clients that come in and out of the office and the first thing that they will notice is how clean the office is. These impressions make or break what the clients think of your office and how they do business with the company. With how the office looks like this would also affect the image of the employees working in the office. Cleanliness in the office should be the most important thing that one should look into.

As there are a lot of cleaning services nowadays, one should look into the reputation of cleaning agencies, how well they do their job and especially how it can make offices clean with their different kinds of services offered like bond cleaning etc. Click here to find the best end of lease cleaning services in Melbourne and much more.  Office needs cleaning in every area like the lobby, pantry, comfort room, and conference room. The best thing to have a clean office is to use the durable equipments that can make the office clean with tough cleaning agents that go with it. With a big office it also needs different kinds of cleaning agencies to look after the window cleaning, carpet cleaning and Janitorial services. Each one should look after these in order to maintain a fresh looking clean and healthy environment. Cleaning agencies should also be open to the demands of their clients like after office hours of cleaning or perhaps fogging services in the office. This makes a good business relationship between the two businesses. Extra special services should also be offered to the clients.

In order to maintain a good impression among clients to your company, an office should be well kept clean. One should also not be that dependent to the cleaning agents to each and every area, one should also learn to do some simple cleaning chores in their own space. Since each a s their own confidential papers and documents make sure your area is well organized and clean so as not to throw the important appears away, The best  thing to keep your area clean is also to have the necessary cleaning equipments and cleaning solution in your own comfort zone.

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