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Ease The Life Of Passengers – Install Passenger Lift At Airport

Posted by on Oct 20, 2015 in Business | Comments Off on Ease The Life Of Passengers – Install Passenger Lift At Airport

Lifts or elevators particularly have their service lives of nearly 20 years and with time, they have revolutionized to great extent in terms of technology, functionality and appearance. This has made all multi-story buildings to consider having one installed. Airports have been point of attraction in this case.

Passenger lifts – Life line of passengers at airport

Be it moving walkways or horizontal escalators, these have become very common at airports that support international flights especially. Passengers with their heavy luggage are in dire need to walk specific distances and it is here when passenger lifts come to their rescue. Many of you might think why passenger lifts at the airport? Well, let us tell you that these are used by passengers in following circumstances –

  • To access a ground transportation station or parking facility
  • To connect between the terminals
  • Walk within long concourses
  • Walk between the terminals and concourses

Infact airport authorities make sure that the walk ways are installed in such manner that the passengers not just travel from one location to other but also enjoy the scenic view of the airport.

 Passenger lift is safer – if you have heavy luggage!

Generally the passenger lifts are categorized in different classes –

  1. 1st class – these are small cabins which support total weight of 630 Kgs. The medium cabin lifts of 1st class support 320 to 400 Kgs while the large cabin lifts support 1000 Kgs of weight. These are especially used in airports for the passengers who have luggage with them and need to take the same at check-in counters.
  1. 2nd class – these lifts are little big in size and support movement of good too at times. Infact a person on wheelchair must travel in 2nd class passenger lift. They are spacious than the 1st
  1. 3rd class – these kinds of lifts are meant for patient passengers who travel from one country to another for their medical treatment. They are speedy and much comfortable, having specific technical specifications, besides having special features.

 General features of passenger lift!

These lifts support minimum or 100 Kgs while maximum of 2500 Kgs which means 33 people. Their speed varies and is dependent on its height. They have semi-automatic and fully automatic doors while their doors could be folding or sliding.


Now days every airport stress on having passenger lift since they provide the best comfort and experience to the passengers. Airports are no longer destination from where one can only take flight, infact it is more than that supported by numerous branded shops and restaurants, hotels and lounges. Having a passenger lift adds to its beauty and eases the passenger’s commuting from one destination to another in most convenient manner.

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